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Full Home Rodent Proofing Service

Unless our home has been professionally rodent proofed, you should not assume rats cannot enter your home. Rodents are a common pest problem in Texas (especially in the Dallas and Forth Worth areas), Utah, and Nevada; however, they’re also a more serious problem than you might imagine! It is routine for rodents to seek shelter in the attics of homes. If rodents have made their way into your home – that is a big problem! Rodents’ quick maturation process gives rats and mice immense breeding capabilities, which means that once they are in they can spread quickly. Swift removal and Rodent Proofing must be done immediately to protect your home and property.

 If rodents have not made your home’s attic their home yet, then NOW is the best and most proactive time to have your home professionally Rodent Proofed!  

Rodent Exclusion Maintenance Plan

Once a house has experienced rodent/wildlife issues the chance of it happening again are very high. Evolve will rodent proof all the entry points and fortify the most susceptible areas. It should be understood that it’s impossible to 100% rodent proof a home, as your home will expand and contract during the different seasons. It’s important for Evolve to return on a regular annual basis to re-examine the entire home and put the home under our protection and warranty for an additional year. The monthly subscription for this maintenance plan will be very minimal. The Exclusion Maintenance Plan will help ensure that nothing else gets back into the attic and if it does, removal will be at no extra cost!

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Steps To Rodent Elimination & Exclusion Process


Install traps throughout the attic to start eliminating the rodent population living there. Place bait stations outside your home to reduce the rodent population around the home.


Remove trapped rodents from attic and start exclusion process, using metal on all current and potential entry points around your home. Including eaves, garage comers, AC lines, etc. Place one-way door if rodent population is high.


Check traps in attic and remove trapped rodents. Inspect work and ensure everything is in order. Paint finished work.