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Henderson Nevada is a great place to live. It is warm to hot all year round, easy to navigate, within 45 minutes of the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, and, even better, there is a Winco. Sounds like a pretty great place to live. And would you believe it, the animals think so as well. Good thing that Evolve, the Henderson pest control expert, is also in town.

Nevada, being the desert that it is, is nice because its resident creepy crawlies are more on the small side. You won’t find any giant snakes or lizards here like you would in Florida, but what the pests of Nevada lack in size, they make up for in resilience. They have to be strong, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to survive in such a harsh habitat.

Humans have a habitat as well. We call it home, and whether our home is a house, an apartment, or a trailer chances are good that it is more hospital to live in than the desert outside. Human homes provide more reliable circumstances than what can be found outside; which is precisely why small rodents and insects are constantly trying to move in.

Our belief at Evolve Pest Control is that any critter that decides to impose itself and its family upon you and yours, should not be tolerated. In the desert where the creatures are used to harsh conditions, we have found that professional Henderson Pest Control methods are the only surefire way to remove them from your property and keep them from coming back. Through our consistent and efficient services, we create a barrier between your home and the many denizens that would like to invade.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pests that our Henderson Pest Control services can help you get rid of.

Cockroaches. If you have them, our Henderson Pest Control methods can help.

While some people choose to breed these bugs for one purpose or another, most people in the world would agree that they would rather not have cockroaches in their home. Cockroaches like to fill in the cracks with themselves and will build colonies in walls, under rocks, and even the cracks of the sidewalk and your home’s foundation. These bugs are the definition of nasty, and they are dangerous for your health. They carry pathogens and disease, and the excrement and shed exoskeleton that they leave behind can fill your air with pollutants that aggravate allergies and breathing problems. To add to that, cockroaches are some of the most resilient bugs on the planet.

Henderson Pest Control in a residential area

There are crazy, almost unbelievable stories and studies about the survivability of these insects, but even with all the things they can do to survive, it is still possible to get rid of them. Evolve Pest Control has over a decade of Henderson pest control experience dealing with cockroaches of many different types and sizes. We know how to stop the infestation that is in your home, and how to prevent future infestations from happening. Give us a call today and let us make your cockroach problem into our cockroach problem, so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Suspect you have Bed Bugs? Call Evolve pest control – the Henderson pest control specialists – Today.

If you thought having bugs in your walls was bad, consider how much worse it is to have them in bed with you. Bed bugs drink your blood while you are sleeping, and leave itchy bumps on you for you to scratch while you are awake. Studies show that these nasty bugs originated in caves, however for untold generations these bugs have been breeding in human bedrooms. They spread by hitching rides on humans and animals and are masters at hiding. The female bed bugs can lay one egg a day. They can become a major problem within a couple of weeks from their first introduction to your home.

Major travel stops like Las Vegas are known for having repeated problems with bed bugs because of the constant traffic of people traveling in and out of the city. Unfortunately, with Henderson being so close, it is also affected by the proximity.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate effectively without professional and consistent Henderson Pest Control assistance from a company like Evolve Pest Control. Their tiny size and flat build allow them to hide in virtually any crack, crevice, or crease. You don’t want these unwanted night visitors in your bed, in your room, or even on your property. Call us today to get proper treatment for bed bugs and let us help you save yourself from their menace.

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Hearing Rats and Mice in your wall? Call the Henderson Pest Control Experts at Evolve Pest Control today!

Rats and mice, but especially rats, live all over the world, and Henderson is no exception; which is why your Henderson Pest Control Experts have studied up on them. Both rats and mice are extremely destructive pests. Not only do they chew up anything and everything that there is to chew, but both species are almost constantly urinating. They urinate to mark territory, food, and pathways for their relatives. Signs that you might have a mouse or rat in your home include shredded paper, poop (looks like small black droppings the size of or smaller than a raisin), and noises in your walls. These creatures are not good house guests, and shouldn’t be put up with.

At Evolve we know the effective Henderson Pest Control methods to get rid of not one rat or mouse, but the whole colony. Let us help you keep your home safe from these pests. Our methods are excellent because they are consistent, and by putting our proactive and preventive measures in place we can make sure that your home stays vermin free.

Scorpions: Harmful to humans – Protect yourself with Henderson pest control.

The venom of bark scorpions contains neurotoxins that can cause a range of symptoms, including intense pain, numbness, and muscle spasms. While most healthy individuals may only experience short-term effects, children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable to their venom. Pest control measures are important to minimize the risk of scorpion stings and potential medical emergencies. By getting our professional pest control services, residents can take proactive steps to reduce the presence of bark scorpions and create a safer living environment for themselves and their families.

Professional Henderson pest control can keep Black Widows and other Spiders out of your home!

Spiders, as a general rule, only live in your house because you have other pests living there as well. Whether you are one of the people who takes care of your own spiders or leaves them be with the hope that they will take care of your pest problems for you, there are a couple of facts about them that you need to accept.

  1. Occupied webs and their owners terrify the vast majority of the population.
  2. Unoccupied webs (cobwebs) are unsightly.
  3. There are some dangerous species of spider, and leaving those ones to breed and spread in your home is a danger.

The dangerous breeds that you need to be aware of are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. If their names aren’t enough to give you pause in being friendly with them, then we invite you to head over to our bug library and look at their pictures in our section on spiders. These two spider breeds are the only ones in North America who’s venom will cause actual, lasting harm to human beings, so it is better to let professional Henderson pest control specialists handle them.

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