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Trusted, Local Pest Control Experts for Nevada, Texas, and Utah.

Evolve Pest Control began in 2010 as a small pest control company based out of Mesquite, Nevada. Over the last decade, we’ve grown into a company servicing three states. Providing residential and commercial pest control to our service areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; Las Vegas, Henderson and Mesquite, Nevada, and St. George, Utah. Evolve Pest Control is proud to offer superior pest control with exceptional customer service to our customers. We stand behind our motto of providing peace of mind through consistency and excellence!

What Sets Evolve Pest Control Apart?

At Evolve Pest Control, our mission is to provide peace of mind through consistency and excellence. Everything we do is held to the highest standards of quality and integrity. We believe that every individual deserves to have absolute confidence in their service providers. Evolve is the standard of excellence in the service industry.

Our team is committed to serving a greater cause. We envision a society where all people naturally trust and respect the individuals and organizations they associate with. We know that trust and peace of mind can take root in our communities as we are honest, respectful, and consistently deliver excellence to all. We believe as we stay true to our mission as a company that we will instill newfound trust into one individual at a time and hopefully lead that individual to do the same for another. This compound effect can change communities, societies, and the world at large. We view our company as a vehicle to influence and build the society that we envision.

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Providing Peace Of Mind | Through Consistency And Excellence!

Here are some of the ways we achieve this goal:

  • We offer same-day pest management services, if needed.
  • We offer free estimates for our pest control services over the phone.
  • We provide a money-back guarantee; if you have to call us back more than twice between two regularly scheduled services, we’ll refund you for your last paid pest control service.
  • We offer home pest control plans and commercial pest control solutions.
  • We focus on providing pest control with quality and consistency.
  • We utilize high-quality products that are family, pet, and eco-friendly.
  • Our experts are thorough and detailed during every service appointment.
  • We’ll send an email or text notification reminder before our appointments, have our technicians call you when they’re on their way to your home, and knock on your door to let you know that they’ve arrived before performing any treatments.
  • We frequently perform shadowing on our service technicians to make sure all of our experts are appropriately equipped and trained.
  • We conduct ongoing training for our pest control technicians to ensure we’re constantly improving our knowledge, techniques, and treatments.

Quality Pest Control Services From The People That Care!

At Evolve Pest Control, you’re not merely another account number; we treat you and each and every one of our customers as if you’re our only customer, providing you with the quality services necessary to eliminate your pest problems in a way that works best for you. We were voted one of the top 6 best pest control companies in 2021 by Expertise. Check it out! See the difference for yourself when you contact Evolve Pest Control today!

Courteous, Informative, Professional.

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Evolve Pest Control's Core Values - What Makes Us Us?

Back in 2010, Nephi Julien purchased a small pest control company in Mesquite, Nevada with approximately 300 customers. In January of the next year, Nephi partnered with Shad Teerlink to expand and build a whole new pest control company. This was the beginning of what would eventually become Evolve Pest Control!

From the moment Nephi Julien and Shad Teerlink joined forces to operate Evolve Pest Control, they began to look into the problems in the pest control industry and how to solve them within their own company to truly fulfill the needs and desires of their customers. Through industry experience and hours of research, they developed a service that meets the needs of their customers while standing behind an unwavering core set of values. At Evolve Pest Control, every employee has eight core values that they strive to live by:

1. Live With Integrity

We are honest in word and action. We honor our word and fulfill all commitments. Always do the right thing!

2. Be Positive

We know that the mind is a powerful tool. There are endless possibilities to what we can become and what we will achieve when we radiate positivity.

3. Be Driven to Succeed

We yearn for accomplishments and success! We are not satisfied with mediocrity. We are not Typical.

4. Be Selfless And Willing To Sacrifice For Others

We are family and we put others first. Success only comes to those who sacrifice.

5. Always Deliver Excellence

We go above and beyond what is expected with unwavering commitment.

6. Develop Open And Honest Relationships Through Communication

We respect others and we are genuine. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

7. Be Disciplined

We understand that motivation will always be fleeting. Discipline is what keeps us going when things get tough.

8. Pursue Ongoing Personal Development

We never stop learning. Constantly improving ourselves and our skill sets is vital.