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Evolve Pest Control

In 2010, Nephi Julien purchased a small pest control company in Mesquite, Nevada with
approximately 300 customers. In January of the next year, Nephi partnered with Shad Teerlink to
expand and build a whole new company. This was the beginning of what would become Evolve
Pest Control.

Shad was in business school and an expert salesman who had previous experience selling pest
control door to door.  Nephi was a long-time business man ready for a new business
venture. During the following years, Nephi and Shad discovered some key problems within the
industry and through countless hours of study and research, they developed a service and
company values that would fill a void in the pest control industry to be a company that would
truly fulfill the needs and desires of customers. These values and the amazing people that Evolve
attracts has been the reason for our tremendous success and growth.

Every customer has the right to have complete confidence in receiving the service they expect
and deserve, even if they are not home to witness it. In the pest control industry, customers are
often not home when they receive their service, and many have had bad experiences that lead
them to mistrust their service providers. Evolve was built on the philosophy that we could solve
this problem and allow people to have 100% confidence in the consistent quality and integrity of
their pest control service company.

At Evolve we have five core values that every person strives to live by. The first is Integrity. We
are honest in every word and action. We believe that no one should ever question our
character. Our second core value is being Driven. We go above and beyond what is expected
with an unwavering commitment to everything we do. The third value is Personal
Development. We never stop learning! We are constantly improving ourselves and our skill sets,
which is vital to success and happiness. Our fourth core value is Unselfish. We are family and
we put others first. We know that our customers are the reason we have a job and we put them
and those around us before ourselves. Our final core value is Positivity. We know that a mind
is a powerful tool. There are endless possibilities to what we can become and what we will
achieve when we radiate positivity.

By continuing to hold true to our core values and our company’s original mission, we will
continue to grow and provide outstanding careers and jobs for many people and be a constant
source of the highest quality service to homeowners.