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Mosquito Control Is Possible With Evolve

Are Mosquitoes Driving You Out Of Your Yard?

Mosquitoes make going outside miserable. Not only do you have to worry about itchy bites when you have a lot of mosquitoes on your property, but also about the dangerous diseases they spread. Keep mosquitoes out of your yard and off your property with mosquito control treatments from Evolve Pest Control.

Start Enjoying Your Yard Again!

Where there’s one mosquito, there are usually hundreds more – they love to swarm, buzz, and bite. With Evolve Pest Control’s approach to mosquito control, you will see results. Take back your property from mosquitoes and start enjoying your yard again. Schedule mosquito control today!

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Our Mosquito Control Process

Mosquito Inspection

At Evolve we understand the health risks associated with mosquitoes. That’s why we offer comprehensive mosquito inspections to identify and address mosquito sites on your property. Our trained technicians conduct thorough assessments, meticulously examining outdoor areas, stagnant water sources, and vegetation that may harbor mosquito larvae and adult populations. By pinpointing these problem areas, we can develop a targeted mosquito control plan tailored to your specific needs.

Fogging Service*

The first prong is a monthly fogging treatment. We will treat your bushes and trees with a fogging application that eliminates adult mosquitoes where they rest during the day.

*Fogging service is not available in Las Vegas.

**Our mosquito control is a seasonal service offered monthly between April and October, and we also offer one-time services for special events.

Mosquito Traps

The second prong is the installation of In2Care Mosquito Traps. These traps lure adult mosquitoes to them. Not only do the traps eliminate the adults, but they also allow the larvicide to be spread to surrounding breeding grounds, killing the eggs and larvae as well. The traps require regular maintenance, which we include in your monthly service.