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At Evolve Pest Control, we take pest control very seriously. We strive for excellence and consistency in our services. We believe that pests can be kept under control no matter the circumstance as long as uniform, practiced methods are followed.

Why is pest control Las Vegas needed?

In the animal kingdom, there are places known as habitats. Habitats are areas or locations where certain parameters like heat, water availability, and other factors indicate to the animals and other critters the likelihood of them surviving in it. Each creature has a specific habitat that they thrive in, and habitats where they don’t. This is a major part of why different creatures and critters are found in different parts of the world. These habitats change over time as new critters move in or out, but for the most part, they stay relatively the same. If there is sufficient food, shelter, and water, the animals will keep coming back.

Our habitat is the perfect habitat for rodents, insects and other pests because our homes are more consistently dry, have food and water, and are free of larger predators than the outside world.

In the wild, pests tend to stay away from other animals because they know that there is a good chance that the larger animal could eat them. Humans, on the regular, don’t eat pests, and we scare the animals that would eat them away. This means that unless we have something like a cat, or a lizard in the home that does find pests appealing, or we want to add a new page to our menu, the only other alternative we have is to make our habitat uninhabitable for pests. The best way to do that is with pest control Las Vegas.

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Providing Peace Of Mind | Through Consistency And Excellence!

Pest Control Las Vegas: Top Pests

The first step of proper pest control Las Vegas is to know which pests you need to worry about. The definition of a pest is an uninvited critter that wants to live where you live, eat what you eat, and could cause harm to you and your family or your home. Not every critter is a pest, and not every pest lives in the area of the world that you do. To effectively control what comes in and out of your home you first need to know what animals live outside of it.

The following are the pests that you are most likely to encounter if you live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rodents: The largest reason for Pest Control Las Vegas

Rodents are the first on our list for pest control Las Vegas because out of all the pests, these will cause harm the fastest.

Rats live in every country besides Antarctica, and, while they may look cute, they actively destroy homes to make them more comfortable for themselves. Their teeth are very sharp and hard and can be used to chew through wood, cords, paper, mortar, concrete, bricks, sheetrock, and even metal. These homewreckers aren’t worth allowing in your home, and with Evolve Pest Control Las Vegas, we promise to find them, remove them, and stop them from coming back.

Mice, while they do have key differences in anatomy, are basically smaller versions of rats. Their teeth are just as hard, and just as destructive. Being that they are smaller than rats, they can also go places that rats can’t, which means that there are more areas in your home or on your property that a mouse can inhabit than a rat can, at least initially. Once either of these creatures finds a place to sink their teeth into, they can gnaw out a home for themself almost anywhere. Signs of these rodents are little, raisin-like droppings (poop) around the edges of the home, and items around the home that look like they have been chewed or gnawed on.

Cockroaches: If you see any of these call Las Vegas Pest Control immediately.

Cockroaches thrive in damp and hot environments, they do not care so much for ice cold freezing weather.  This is why cockroaches are so prevalent in Las Vegas. Most people think that if you have or see cockroaches in your home means it is dirty; This is just not the case. While a clean home can help keep the cockroaches controlled,  our hot summers and mild winters are just the perfect habitat for them. Cockroaches are are primarily nocturnal although seeing them in the day is not a rare sight; however can indicate a larger pest problem than you think. Put your mind at ease by calling Evolve Pest Control Las Vegas.

Scorpions: Harmful to humans – Protect yourself with pest control Las Vegas.

Bark scorpions are a common sight in the desert regions of Las Vegas, Nevada. These small, venomous arachnids are notorious for their painful stings, which can cause severe discomfort and, in rare cases, serious medical complications. Their ability to climb walls and ceilings, combined with their tendency to hide in dark corners and crevices, makes them particularly challenging to eliminate. Therefore, pest control in Las Vegas, Nevada, is essential to protect residents and maintain a safe living environment.

Ants and Termites: Prevent these home destroyers with Las Vegas Pest Control

Ants, depending on the kind, can be harmful to the home itself, or to your food stores. The most dangerous kind to property is carpenter ants. They will actually destroy the wooden beams and other areas of your home. For more information on ants and the problems they can cause, check out the article on them in our bug library.

Termites, like carpenter ants, attack the actual wood of your house. They are very destructive and should be eradicated as soon as possible if you want to protect the sanctity of your home. Signs of termites and carpenter ants include small piles of sawdust found around the edges of the home. Again, these are extremely detrimental to your home and should be taken seriously. If you think that you may have either of these wood destroyers call Evolve Pest Control and let us treat your home with our top-notch Las Vegas Pest Control services today.

We Also Service Moapa, Logandale, and Overton

We are licensed and insured to service the entire state of Nevada. These few towns are located between our Las Vegas office and Mesquite office so we definitely don’t want to leave anyone out of the mix when needing our services. At Evolve we’re the team you can count on when the bug season starts to get brutal. We make sure your home is secured to keep those critters away. Give us a call today and see how we can help!

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