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Evolve Pest control Fort Worth defines pests as insects, rodents, arachnids, small mammals, and other animals that either are causing or are likely to cause damage to homes, livelihoods, inhabitants, or food sources like crops, livestock or food storage. Not all animals are considered pests, and outside in the wild most animals (insects included) if left alone won’t bother or endanger humans.

Why do I need repeated pest control Fort Worth services?

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that dogs repeatedly pee in certain areas of the yard? If you weren’t aware, most animals, including dogs, cats, rats, and most insects, use different means, including urine, feces and scratch marks, to mark their territory. Through their marks they express the message that the area belongs to them and they will defend it from anyone who attempts to infringe on their boundaries. The effectiveness of these territorial markings fade over time, and the animals have to periodically replace them. If they don’t then other animals take it as a sign of weakness, or vacancy, and begin to move in.

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Pest control Fort Worth services work much in the same way, though we use more hygienic methods to get our messages across. Animals, in general, live a much shorter life span than humans do, and the smaller they are the shorter their life seems to be. In order to properly protect your home from pests you need to make sure that the message is present for every generation, or new group that might think about making your home into their home. This is why recurring treatments are so important. By periodically sweeping the property, respraying in key areas, and replacing traps, Evolve Pest Control creates a barrier that keeps the pests away from your yard, and out of your home.

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Rodents – Fort Worth Pest Control treats them all

Rats make horrible roommates, and these pesky little fiends will insist that what is yours is theirs, and they won’t take no for an answer. Rats are equipped with crazy hard teeth that can gnaw through most man made and naturally occurring materials. To make matters worse, their teeth are constantly growing, which means that they have to consistently gnaw on things to keep their size in check. If chewing up your belongings and your house itself wasn’t bad enough, rats also are reported mess makers. They shred paper, spoil food, and, literally, pee and poop on everything. Remember that territory marking that we mentioned? Rats do that every couple of steps. They also are known carriers of disease.

When it comes to rats, pest control Fort Worth services are a must. There is never just one rat. They live in colonies, and even if you only have two rats, they can have a litter of little ones six times in a year. And each litter can have between 8-12 pups in it. If you do the exponential math your rat population can grow within a year’s time from two to over a thousand. It is hyper important to take care of the rats before they have a chance to spread.

Got cockroaches? Call Fort Worth pest control today.

Cockroaches are disgusting. That isn’t just hearsay, or a bad rap, it is the truth. They bring disease, parasites, bad smells, and a whole slew of other unwanted factors into your home. And, if allowed to become an infestation, they can become a major problem. Cockroaches are attracted to clutter, dampness, easy food sources, and dark places. These pests have claustrophilia, meaning that they find comfort in tight, confined spaces. This is why you will most often find cockroaches hiding in walls or cracks. This is also the reason why they often become a problem before a homeowner is aware of one because they keep to their hiding places as much as they can.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when rejecting pest control Fort Worth services is that they think that, since they have only seen one or two cockroaches out in the open during the day, that they can’t have more than a handful in their home. The reality is that those one or two are the ones that didn’t fit where they were hiding. Let us repeat that with emphasis. They are the ones that DIDN’T FIT.

Ants - Call Fort Worth pest control to get them before they get you.

EvolvePest Control Fort Worth can help you with your ant problems. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different kinds of ants, but the three species that we want to focus on are the Fire Ant, the Carpenter Ant, and the Acrobat Ant.

Finding these colonies can be difficult for the inexperienced, which is why when dealing with carpenter ants it is recommended to use the services of a professional pest control Fort Worth Company like Evolve Pest Control. We not only know how to get rid of the colony attacking your home, but also how to find the ones that may be spread out throughout your yard as well. Furthermore, we have methods that we can use to form a protective barrier around your home and property to keep the carpenter ants from coming back. If you suspect that you have carpenter ants, we invite you to call us today. Your home will thank you for it.

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