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Dallas is a thriving, bustling city in the northeastern part of Texas. It has buildings, parks, lakes and other water sources, and pretty much everything that anyone would want out of a city. However, as great as these aspects are for people, they make an even more wonderful environment for a large variety of pests.

The term “pest” can be applied to many different kinds of plants and animals, but for our purposes we are referring specifically to rodents, insects, and arachnids. If you have lived in Dallas for a while then you probably have a few of these that come to mind. However, for the sake of those new to the city, or even just new to the idea of using professional Dallas pest control, we’ve gathered some information on a few of the worst ones.

With Dallas pest control you don’t have to put up with rodents.

There are many different kinds of rodents that call the Dallas, Texas area home, however, the two that we want to focus on are rats and mice. No matter what kind of rat or mouse you may have on your property or in your home, they will cause damage and are a good reason to have professional Dallas Pest Control. Both are equipped with strong teeth that can chew through most materials including, but not limited to, wood, sheetrock, metal, and bricks. That covers the majority of what your home and any outlying buildings are made out of. 

Rodents are destructive by nature. They have to chew on things to keep their ever-growing teeth short and sharp. Rats and mice leave trails of urine wherever they go to make paths and territory. They tear up softer materials like paper, cloth, leather, and plant-based materials to use on their nests. Your home is a goldmine of opportunity for a rat or mouse, and if you aren’t careful they will stake a claim.

Dallas pest control makes city better

Even more dangerous than their destructive natures, and a primary reason for professional Dallas pest control when it comes to rodents is that rats and mice are health risks. They are carriers of disease, and things that have disease. They spread lice, fleas, and viruses to humans and animals that they come in contact with. Some rats have a special bacteria that grows in their mouth that can cause rat-bite fever in children and adults if bitten or scratched. Mice droppings carry the potential risk of exposing humans to strains of the Hantavirus Disease, which is a pulmonary (lung) affliction. Both illnesses have the potential to be fatal, though it depends on the severity of the case.

Evolve pest control specializes in rodent removal. We know the best way to create a protective perimeter in and outside the home to keep them at bay. To get rid of active infestations it is important to have a team on your side who can monitor and replace the traps and baits, and accurately judge where the rodents are currently, and may try to retreat to. Our Dallas pest control practices are efficient and consistent. We are positive that we can take care of your rodent problem, and keep future problems from springing up.

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Ants – Dallas Pest Control treats them all

Ants are amazing, little critters that come in a wide variety of different species, each with their own specific strengths and weaknesses. While only some ants are specifically destructive to property, all ants can become a problem if left to their own devices. The mindset of an ant is to do its duty to help its colony survive. That can include searching your home for crumbs and food, stinging and biting potential threats, and even, in the carpenter ants’ case, digging tunnels through the wood of your house.

Carpenter Ants are very bad for your property. They target wooden structures, and logs. These are unique in that they prefer to make their nests out of wood. They create tunnels in wood much like other ants do in the dirt. The end result looks pretty amazing, but it is really bad for your home. Without proper Dallas Pest Control measure, they can quickly make parts of your house look like swiss cheese.

Got cockroaches? Call Dallas pest control today.

Cockroaches, especially the American cockroaches, are known carriers of disease, pathogens, and lice. They cause bad odors and air-born irritants with their refuse. They breed in confined spaces like the inside of walls or behind cupboards. Worse, they are incredibly hard to get rid of.
The resilience of the cockroach is legendary, and if they are allowed to establish their presence in your home, it is possible that without the help of a professional Dallas pest control specialist, that you could be battling with these bugs for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, Evolve pest control has practiced and proven methods to not only cut down on their population, but also to push them out of your home. Once we take care of the initial infestation our treatments continue to be consistent and efficient. The effort and attention needed to battle roaches can be tiresome, especially if you have to think about it after a long day of work, or taking care of the children, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let Evolve, your Dallas Pest Control service, take care of them for you. We are sure that we can handle your bug problem and give you the time that you need to recuperate from your labors.

Hornets, wasps and other flying insects. Call Dallas pest control to get them before they get you.

With flying insects, it is harder to create a barrier that they can’t get through because they can fly over it. However, there is still plenty that we can do to make sure that they are taken care of when they land. 

One thing that we pride ourselves on at Evolve is that we have consistent and therefore excellent Dallas pest control practices. In the case of wasps, hornets, mud daubers, and the like, if you see them around your home trying to build nests we can apply product to the eaves, bushes, and other areas where they currently are. Then, as the summer progresses and you see them attempting to nest in other areas that weren’t treated, we can come and spot-treat them for you.

Why don’t we just treat everywhere in the beginning?
There are places that we always treat, such as the eaves of the home and outlying buildings, nearby trees and bushes home, and other places where wasps and hornets habitually try to set up shop. However, it would be wasteful of product, and ineffective to attempt to spray every surface. By spot-treating after the initial treatment, we can make sure that our product will be in areas that will actually deter pests from landing. 

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