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Wolf Spider

What are wolf spiders?

Wolf spiders are known for their large, stocky, hair-covered bodies. They are dark in color, brown or black, with cream, gray, or yellowish markings. Another physical feature that helps identify these spiders is their eight eyes placed in three rows with four small eyes on the bottom row, two large eyes in the middle row, and two medium eyes on the top row.

Wolf spiders have eight long legs that enable them to run very quickly. Their ability to run fast is what helps them hunt down and capture their prey effectively. Wolf spiders don’t build webs to catch their prey; instead, they run after and hunt down their prey just like wolves and other predators.

Are wolf spiders dangerous?

Intimidating because of their large size, wolf spiders scurrying across the floors of a home will startle almost anyone. Luckily, wolf spiders are nuisance spiders, and while we don’t want them taking over our homes and yards, they don’t cause us any real physical harm, nor do they cause structural damage. Like other spiders, wolf spiders have venom that they inject into their prey through their hollow fangs, but the venom isn’t strong enough to hurt people. If bitten by a wolf spider, there would be some pain, but there would be no major health consequences in most cases.

Why do I have a wolf spider problem?

Our yards and home offer plenty of hideouts for wolf spiders to utilize in addition to providing them with easy access to their insect prey. When it comes to any predatory animal, they like to live near their prey.

If you see large numbers of wolf spiders or other species of spiders on your property, there is likely an insect infestation that needs to be addressed and eliminated.

Where will I find wolf spiders?

Wolf spiders are not great climbers and spend most of their time at ground level. They create their burrows under things like fallen trees or landscape ties, woodpiles, and rock piles. The mulch in gardens and flowerbeds also provides appropriate cover for these spiders.

Wolf spiders prefer to live outside but often find their way inside our homes, garages, and sheds while chasing after their insect prey. Boxes, clutter, spaces under furniture or behind baseboards, closets, and areas under sinks often provide places of refuge for wolf spiders.

How do I get rid of wolf spiders?

Evolve Pest Control will solve all of your Texas, Nevada, and St. George, Utah property’s wolf spider problems. We provide¬†pest control solutions that are both eco-friendly and effective. Our trained and experienced service technicians perform thorough inspections and advanced treatments to find and eliminate wolf spiders and prevent them from returning.

To request your free quote and get started with your high-quality service that will eliminate wolf spiders and our area’s other most common pests, contact Evolve Pest Control today!

How can I prevent wolf spiders in the future?

In addition to our professional wolf spider services, the following tips will help to keep wolf spiders off your property:

  • Remove things like woodpiles, brush piles, and rock piles from your yard that are unnecessary and provide wolf spiders with hiding spots.
  • Cut back overgrown shrubs and bushes away from your home’s exterior walls.
  • Wolf spiders love quiet places, regularly vacuum and dust storage areas and areas under furniture to disturb these spiders and make them want to move somewhere else.
  • Keep wolf spiders out of your home by sealing gaps in the foundation and using door sweeps to seal spaces under exterior doors.
  • Keep the doors of sheds, garages, and basements closed as much as possible.