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Brown Recluse Spider

What are brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders range in color from yellowish-gray to dark black; their abdomens have gray hair covering them, and their eight long legs are darker in color than their bodies.

These spiders are sometimes referred to as ‘violin’ or ‘fiddleback’ spiders due to the violin-shaped marking on their backs that helps identify them. The violin marking varies from light to dark in color depending on the spider’s age. Older spiders tend to have darker, more visible violin markings.

These spiders are one of the few species in the United States that have venom potent enough to cause harm to people.

Are black brown recluse spiders dangerous?

Brown recluse spiders are dangerous, and we should avoid contact with them. However, they aren’t wandering in large groups looking for people to attack and bite; they do their best to stay away from large animals and people. Bites from these spiders are usually accidental.

The venom of the brown recluse spider causes the skin around the bite site to swell and become tender. In addition, the skin around the bite’s edge sometimes ulcerates and creates a wound that is prone to infection and takes weeks or more to heal.

Why do I have a brown recluse spider problem?

Brown recluse spiders are predators. They feed on other spiders and insects. Like other pests, spiders prefer to live in areas that provide them with easy access to food and safe shelter. Our yards, unfortunately, provide brown recluse spiders with many places to live and hunt like rocks, logs, woodpiles, fallen trees, gardens, and flowerbeds.

When the brown recluse spider’s insect prey moves indoors searching for food, water, or to escape harsh weather conditions, they will follow.

Where will I find brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders thrive in homes and other indoor spaces, meaning once they find their way inside, it is easy for them to adapt to an indoor lifestyle.

As their name suggests, brown recluse spiders are shy and like to live in dark, quiet areas. Our basements, bathrooms, closets, crawl spaces, attics, and cabinets make the perfect hideouts for these pests. Some places in storage areas that these spiders like to hang out in include:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Stored clothing or shoes
  • Folded bedding
  • Stacks of papers
  • Behind baseboards or window moldings

How do I get rid of brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders are dangerous; a bite can create serious health consequences for you and your family. We understand the behaviors and biology of brown recluse spiders. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the effective pest solutions necessary to keep Texas, Nevada, and St. George, UT properties free of these pests.

You can trust our trained and experienced service technicians to perform thorough inspections and advanced treatments to eliminate brown recluse spiders and prevent them from returning. Contact us today to learn about our effective residential or commercial pest control services!

How can I prevent brown recluse spiders in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following tips will help to keep brown recluse spiders off your property:

  • Place woodpiles away from the outside of your home.
  • Prevent gardens, shrubs, and bushes from overgrowing and hiding brown recluse spiders.
  • Always wear gloves when gardening to avoid accidentally coming in contact with brown recluse spiders.
  • Keep outbuilding (sheds, garages) doors closed whenever possible.
  • Keep storage areas in your home clutter-free and organized to reduce hiding spots for these spiders in your home.
  • Regularly vacuum behind and under furniture to dislodge hiding spiders.