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What Termite Season Means For Dallas Property Owners

Two words should evoke fear in every Dallas property owner: “termite season”. Termites are damage-causing pests that could ruin a business and destroy a home. If you’re local to the greater Dallas area, find out what termite season means for you.

termites crawling in their colony in wood

The Truth About Termite Season

Before you learn anything about termite season, there’s one thing you need to know. Termite season is often thought of as the spring and summer, but termites are a problem all year long. In both the winter and the summer, termites pose a threat. They’re one of the most devastating Dallas pests.
So why is the spring referred to as termite season? There is a reason for the terminology. When the weather gets cold, termites slow down. They don’t reproduce and even slow down their eating habits. Then, in the spring, termite activity picks up; these pests form swarmers and colonize new areas.
You’re most likely to see a swarmer or notice termite activity in the spring and summer, but you could have termites all year long. It’s essential to protect your home from termites, whatever season it might be.

Termites Cost You Money

When it comes to property damage in Dallas, termites are perhaps the biggest offender; their habit of eating wood puts all of your structures in danger. If you have a wood-framed home, the stakes are particularly high. Termites can destroy the structural integrity of an entire building. 
Depending on the size of the infestation and how long you wait to treat the problem, you could have thousands of dollars in repairs to make. Termites find wood and eat it until there’s only a thin shell left. Your doors, windows, and floors could become termite food.
Usually, termite swarmers are the first sign of termites. But not everyone knows they have termites until the infestation is large and serious. By the time you notice termites, it may be too late to prevent any damage. For this reason, you should call for a residential or commercial pest inspection as soon as you suspect termites around. And, as with most pests, prevention is key.

Termites Can Be Prevented During Termite Season

If you don’t want your property to become a feeding ground for termites, you can take some precautions. With a few simple steps, you can make your property less hospitable to these pests:

Keep Wood Away From Structures

If you have piles of firewood near your main structures, then you’re laying out a welcome mat for termites. Store your firewood with care and do so far away from your home or business. Be on the lookout for fallen tree limbs, stumps, and other easily accessible wood. The less wood you have on your property, the less likely it is that you’ll have termites. 

Place Concrete Under Wood

Many homes and businesses have wood frames, but when the bottom of those frames comes into direct contact with the soil, termites may find their way into your building. By limiting soil-to-wood contact, you reduce your chances of having a termite infestation. 
You can accomplish this by using concrete or cinder blocks as a barrier between your soil and wood. There’s no guarantee that this will work, but it improves your chances of fighting off termites. Other DIY methods include addressing moisture issues and looking out for termite swarmers.

There’s Only One Truly Effective Method Of Termite Control

On your own, you don’t stand a chance against termites. They always manage to find their way into wooden structures, regardless of your DIY attempts at termite prevention. For optimal results, you need expert help.
The best form of termite protection comes from our professional assistance. Contact the Evolve Pest Control experts today to learn more about termite prevention or elimination.