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What Every Dallas Property Owner Ought To Know About German Cockroaches

If you own a home or business, there’s a common Dallas pest that can destroy everything – the German cockroach. Known to spread diseases and to take over properties in a short period, these cockroaches cause a long list of issues for property owners. Find out more about the roaches and what an infestation means for you. 

german cockroach in kitchen crawling

What They Look Like 

German cockroaches are one of the most common building-invading pests in Dallas. To identify an adult of this species, look for two black stripes behind the head. The stripes are horizontal. Unlike some other local types of roaches, the German cockroach is light brown or tan. 
Young German cockroaches are darker and may even appear to be black. However, you can still see the black stripes behind their heads. They don’t develop wings until becoming adults, but even then, these roaches rarely fly. You’re more likely to see them scuttling across the floor than you are to see them flying in the air.

What’s So Bad About German Cockroaches? 

While German cockroaches may be different in appearance from other roaches, they cause the same issues as local cockroaches. For one, they carry diseases. While searching for sustenance, German roaches often hang out in filthy places. They pick up pathogens and transport those pathogens into your property. If the roaches get into your food or on your surfaces, they can easily spread diseases to you, your family, or your customers.
In addition to being harmful to your health, German cockroaches also have the potential to cause damage. Their urine and feces could ruin your property. As a business owner, you might notice that the presence of cockroaches destroys your reputation. Once an infestation begins, it’s hard to hide the fact that you have roaches. They have a foul smell and leave smear stains on your walls and floors.
Perhaps the biggest problem with these roaches is the fact that they are nearly impossible to remove. After these cockroaches start breeding, they just keep going. You need to remove every single cockroach, or the colony will persist. Even then, you can’t guarantee that the roaches won’t return. 

German Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you don’t want to suffer at the hands of German cockroaches, there are a few things you can do: 

Maintain A Clean Environment 

There are plenty of reasons to keep a clean home or business, and one of those reasons is to keep cockroaches away. Clean up crumbs from all surfaces, including the floors. Occasionally, clean behind your large appliances. They often get ignored, but the areas behind appliances can be full of crumbs.

Use Lids On Trash Cans

If your trash cans don’t have lids, they’ll attract German cockroaches. Your leftovers and crumbs will provide a constant source of food for these pests. To make food less available, use trash cans with lids that seal tightly.

Eliminate Entrances

As one of the smaller types of Dallas cockroaches, German roaches can enter your property through tiny openings. Gaps around your plumbing and windows make ideal entrances. Therefore, you can deter these roaches by checking for gaps and sealing them up.        

Reduce Moisture

German cockroaches need moisture to survive. So, one deterrent is to reduce the moisture levels in your property. Repair plumbing problems, use dehumidifiers when necessary, and address other moisture issues as you find them.                               

Working With Experts

The best way to get rid of German cockroaches is with professional assistance. Evolve Pest Control is here for you. Give us a call to find out more about how we can protect your Dallas home or business from cockroaches.