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Three Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Termites Around Your Dallas Property

A termite infestation is a problem that’s both tough to spot and incredibly dangerous to your property. Pesky termites chew through wood, causing irreversible and sometimes hazardous levels of damage. Learning how to spot the early signs of their activity, and how to prevent a problem early, will help you stay clear of the worst infestations out there.

a termite crawling on white surface

Termites And The Damage They Cause

Termites are insects that are quite similar to ants in many ways. While they don’t forage around for food scraps as most household ants do, termites do form elaborate colonies in order to split the important tasks of survival among thousands of members. From soldiers to workers to reproductive winged alates, termites all have their own responsibilities that make them efficient at destroying your property. Termite colonies almost always start outdoors, forming elaborate tunnel networks in loose or wet soil. Once their numbers have grown, their territory can encroach on human properties, where access to wood is often abundant for termites. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for because by the time the signs of termite activity are obvious, it’s usually too late to save you from big repair costs.

Signs Of Termite Activity To Watch For

A great many property owners in the Dallas area don’t even realize they have a termite problem until it’s grown out of hand. The subterranean bugs spend their whole lives out of sight, and the only time people spot them forming is if the damage they’ve caused is apparent. Here are some things that act as sure evidence of termites:

  • Bulging wood: As termites hollow out and eat through structural woods, the surface of the material responds by bulging and warping. Drooping or protruding walls and floor panels are often a sign of termites.  
  • Tight fits: The same thing happens to doors and windows, which can suddenly be tight-fitting or loose as surrounding woods are altered by termite activity. 
  • Clicking: It’s rare for everything to be quiet enough at just the right time, but you can sometimes hear the clicking noise of termites within the walls. That’s the soldier termites knocking their heads on wood in order to sound the alert to other termites.

Termite Prevention For Your Property

Because many of the signs of termite damage only form after they’ve been there for a while, it’s important to make your property less attractive to them in the first place. Taking steps early to prevent termite colonies will help you stay on top of the issues they cause. Here are some steps for how to do that:

  • Wood storage: Piles of firewood or yard debris that rest right alongside a structure on your property will increase the likelihood that termites will approach.
  • Soil contact: Just as proximity can be a problem with stored woods, it can also be an issue for soil and flowerbeds. Keep these well away from your walls and foundations.
  • Crack sealing: Termites can squeeze through small holes or cracks, so frequently checking for and fixing any problems around your exterior will help reduce your risk of termites.
  • Moisture control: Many species of termite are attracted to damp woods, meaning any areas where pipes are leaking or moisture is pooling can act as a magnet for termite activity.

Call The Pros Right Away

You don’t want to have to learn that you already have a termite problem in your home before you decide to take one seriously. Simply put: act now, not later. Turn to the pros for an inspection of your residential or commercial property right away. At Evolve Pest Control, our trained staff can determine your level of risk for a termite infestation. If problems are spotted, we’ll work fast to address them and make sure you’re safe from future invasions by termites.

Don’t wait for the damage from termites to become dangerous and irreversible; contact Evolve now.