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The Secret To Keeping Mice Away From Your Las Vegas Home

If you were given a set of lock picks and an hour, how difficult would it be for you to break into a fully locked home? Probably fairly difficult, unless you have a background in thievery. Now, what if you were given the ability to shrink down to a size so small that you could fit through a hole the size of a nickel? Would you have an easier time breaking in? Most likely. As odd as this may sound, this is what life is like for your average house mouse. Today, we will be teaching you what it is like to be a house mouse so you can understand better how you can keep them out of your Las Vegas home.

a house mouse raiding a pantry

The Common House Mouse

As rodents go, house mice are some of the smallest. They are also the most common type of home-invading rodents here in America. Identifiable by their long slender tails, large ears, and pointed snouts, house mice can be found on almost every continent around the world. As for color, a house mouse’s body is typically dusty gray with a cream-colored underbelly. When it comes to diet, these small rodents prefer seeds and cereal. However, if needed, they can live off of insects, nuts, and fruits.

The Dangers Of House Mice

Despite their small size, and cute appearance, house mice are about as dangerous as pests come. Although they are able to bite humans, a house mouse’s threat comes more from what it can carry rather than the strength of its jaws. What do we mean by this? We are referring to the many diseases, human pathogens, and parasitic pests mice can carry on or within their tiny bodies. They pick up these threats when they rifle through trash, crawl over dead organisms, and live their generally filthy lifestyles. When inside homes, they spread these problems with their fecal matter, urine, and dirty feet. If you suspect a certain food has been tampered with by mice, do not consume it, as this is the quickest way for mice to get you sick.

How Hard Mice Are To Keep Out

Not only are mice able to compact their bodies to fit through holes the width of a nickel, but they are also capable climbers. If your home has any damage whatsoever that leaves an opening to its interior, you can be sure mice will find it and squeeze their way inside. It is not uncommon for mice to climb gutters and gain access to homes through damaged roof lines and/or unblocked chimneys. Although typically nocturnal, some mice have been known to come right inside through open doors and windows in broad daylight. This all depends on conditions outside and how desperate they are to find food and shelter.

How You Can Try To Deal With Mice

Eliminating mice from your home can be a tricky task. Success often depends on how many mice there are and how well you can implement certain methods. If only a couple of mice are present inside your home, we recommend setting some traps around areas you suspect they frequently travel. Bait these traps using peanut butter. With some success, this method might solve your problem. For infestations larger than this, professional pest control is recommended.

At Evolve Pest Control, we have advanced trapping and baiting methods for dealing with rodent infestations of all sizes. If you suspect your home is currently being inhabited by dangerous mice, contact us immediately. We will send one of our highly qualified pest technicians your way ASAP with a solution that is sure to work. Your safety from pests is our number one concern.