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The Problems That Come With Mice In Your Dallas Home

Although they may appear to be cute and cuddly, mice are not to be taken lightly when they infest your home. They can spread diseases, damage your property, and are extremely hard to get rid of once they get inside. You need to know what your options are should mice infest your Dallas home and how to clear them out!

a house mouse in a home at night

Identifying The Common House Mouse

House mice are usually dusty gray in color but can vary from light brown to dark gray, frequently with cream-colored bellies. They generally grow between two inches and three and ¾ inches long with their tails adding another two to four inches. House mice have four legs, whiskers, and relatively large ears compared to their bodies. Like other rodents, house mice have large front incisors that grow continually throughout their lives. Because of this, they are constantly chewing on objects to keep their teeth from getting too large.

The Dangers That Mice Pose To Humans & Our Property

Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, mice are capable of causing all sorts of harm if they infest your home. For starters, mice are known to spread a wealth of diseases either through direct contamination or via their feces, urine, and saliva. Some diseases that mice have been known to spread include hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever.

Mice are known to cause all sorts of damage inside of homes with their chewing. They can chew wiring, PVC pipe, drywall, and just about any other object they can fit their mouths around. Therefore, if mice infest your home, not only do you need to worry about potential diseases, but you could wind up with property damage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there; mice are also known to carry other parasitic pests on their bodies. Mice could introduce pests like mites, fleas, or ticks into your home if they happen to be carrying them. Ultimately, there is no shortage of reasons for you to want to keep your home mouse-free.

Why Mice Infestations Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

House mice are capable of fitting through incredibly small cracks and holes which can make keeping them out of your home very challenging. To make matters worse, once they get inside, they aren’t easy to get rid of. That’s because mice are prolific breeders and this means that their infestations are constantly growing. Furthermore, containing an infestation is a challenge in and of itself.

If you are facing a mouse infestation, you might think that setting out some traps will do the trick. And while this might prove effective for catching a mouse or two, it is not an effective approach to eliminating the entire infestation. Additionally, mice are smart and nimble animals. Not only will they actively avoid traps if they see them, but they can also remove the bait from traps without setting off the mechanism. This means you need to know what you should do if mice infest your home and who do you call for help.

The Most Effective Solution For Total Mouse Control

If you do find yourself dealing with a mouse infestation, don’t worry, the professionals here at Evolve Pest Control are here to help. For over a decade, we here at Evolve Pest Control have been the Dallas go-to resource for those facing pest infestations in their homes and businesses. If mice have taken over your home, let us do the heavy lifting. After all, we have the experience and the expertise required to effectively eliminate any infestation. We will work with you to take the steps to better protect your home in the future. Don’t let house mice take over your Dallas home. Call us now at Evolve Pest Control!