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The Most Effective Way To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Dallas Home

Dallas is a beautiful city with lots of splendid outdoor areas. There are spots to have group picnics, be athletic, take a stroll, or go on a hike. Residents might think twice about being in nature though because there are bugs and creatures hanging around. And many species can sting or bite you, and/or transfer diseases. For instance, mosquitoes can absorb animal blood and then transmit diseases to humans.

flea on skin jumping

Fleas also suck blood and can make people sick. In fact, they are considered responsible for some major plagues in history. These critters aren’t just a problem for our beloved farm animals and pets. Get an understanding of how fleas operate, so you can prevent them with the help of Evolve Pest Control.

How Do Fleas Look & Behave? What Are The Dangers?

Fleas are about 1/3 of an inch long, which is very small. They have condensed, glistening bodies that are reddish-brown. While they don’t have wings, they still get up in the air. They leap onto humans and animals while they’re outside, and cling to clothes or fur. This is how they get inside homes and inhabit fabrics, carpeting, and pet areas. Fleas will crawl about until they locate a host to feed on. Be it a person, cat, dog, squirrel, or rodent, they don’t discriminate. Primary signs of infestation are:

  • A pet continuously scratching itself
  • Developing red and itchy bites, primarily on your ankles and lower legs
  • Seeing fecal matter that looks like pepper in rugs and pet beds
  • Discovering flea eggs in floor voids, carpets, furniture, and pet spaces

As a result of encountering fleas, various conditions can be contracted. Examples are typhus, tapeworms, and parasitic bacterial diseases. Additionally, bites can trigger allergic reactions, severe skin irritation, and anemia. This is particularly true with intense infestations. When bumps are scratched incessantly, it can create a skin breakage. Open cuts can lead to the introduction of germs and secondary infections.

Places that are especially grassy or vegetated, wooded, or near ponds and ditches are hubs for fleas. They’ll nestle in the dampest, sandy, and shady parts. Around properties, they’ll hide under decks, rocks, shrubs, and piles of organic matter. They may be known as outside bugs, but they can easily breed indoors. Plus, homeowners can unknowingly bring in rugs or furniture which fleas have infested.

How Can Fleas Be Prevented?

Fleas are less likely to be an issue for your home if you perform the following tasks:

  • Keep your grass cut low, and trim greenery. 
  • Gravel should be laid around your porch, rather than soil. 
  • Get information from your pet’s veterinarian about flea prevention and treatment. 
  • Practice routine pet grooming, and inspect your pet’s fur frequently. 
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs on a regular basis. 
  • Call Evolve Pest Control if you’re dealing with fleas or pests that fleas infest such as mice or rats.

What Can Evolve Pest Control Do About Fleas?

Dallas residents need flea treatments that are thorough and powerful, but also safe. That’s what we offer at Evolve Pest Control. Our flea solutions are both highly effective and eco-friendly. No harm will be done to you, your pets, your belongings, or vegetation. You can rest assured that our technicians are skilled, as their training is recurrently updated.

We have a number of flexible service options, such as bi-monthly plans and as-needed visits. Take advantage of guarantees, warranties, re-treatments, and more. You won’t have to worry about fleas or any other critters because we have multiple specialized programs. Call today and start with a free quote!