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How To Get Rid Of American Cockroaches On Your Dallas Property

Some pests highlight just how persistent infestations can be — even hitching rides for thousands of miles to benefit from the waste and shelter that human activity provides for. We’re speaking of course of cockroaches, which are so tied to human activity that they’ve followed us to the New World and beyond. Learning how to prevent and eliminate cockroaches on your property will help you avoid the serious problems they can cause.

american cockroach in basement of home

What’s An American Cockroach?

Of all the invasive cockroach species in the world, American cockroaches are the largest. No, they’re not actually from America. Instead, they get their name from being stowaways on trading vessels bound for the New World. It’s this behavior that highlights how tenacious cockroaches are in following and hiding from humans. Literally crossing the world if it means easy access to food and shelter. That’s precisely why they infest our homes and businesses — they know that human activity produces food, water, and shelter for them in abundance. This is why it pays to know how cockroach infestations start and what you can do about them.

Why You Don’t Want Them Around

Before we touch on ways to prevent cockroach infestations, you first have to understand just how serious they can be. Cockroaches are known to cause all of the following issues around a property:

  • Damage: Cockroaches chew through food packaging and contaminate sources directly, plus they can leave streaking stains around household surfaces with their oily bodies and droppings.
  • Disease: Roaches are also known to transmit diseases like salmonella and plague to people. The presence of them inside can also worsen allergies and respiratory issues thanks to the dust and dander that clings to their bodies.
  • Proliferation: Like most insects, cockroaches reproduce in large numbers, causing all of the above problems to worsen as populations increase in size and number.

Prevention Tips To Start On Immediately

To avoid those serious problems, you need to reduce the factors that attract cockroaches to your business or home and take steps to block any access points they can use to get indoors. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Food storage: Cockroaches will chew through food packaging or scrounge for crumbs and spills around a property for sustenance. It’s important to stay on top of things like proper food storage and regular deep cleaning.
  • Trash storage: Cockroaches will also find plenty to eat in your trash can, so ensure that both indoor and outdoor trashcans are securely covered.
  • Crack sealing: Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to fit through small cracks or openings. Regularly checking your exterior walls for such faults, and making repairs, can help plug up access points.

Evolve Pest Control Has The Answer

Those steps account for just a tiny portion of what’s necessary to really improve your chances of avoiding a cockroach infestation. Even with these precautions, people can still wind up with a cockroach problem. That’s how common and persistent these invaders are. That’s why smart Dallas property owners turn to Evolve Pest Control for true protection against cockroaches and other problem pests.

Our friendly and experienced staff can help you address all the factors that attract nasty bugs to your property, with educational tips for how to reduce attractants and proven products that can be administered around your property to keep pests away. It all starts with an inspection, so contact us right away to get one scheduled. Once we’ve determined your level of risk, we can offer assistance on early prevention or fast removal of existing pest populations. At Evolve Pest Control, we’re eager to meet you and your property, so reach out online or call us at (469) 489-1860.