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How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In Your Dallas Home?

Is there anything more disturbing than the thought of bugs sharing your bed with you? Here in Dallas, bed bugs are looking for more than just a bed to cozy up in, they are out for blood. Specifically, your blood. If you haven’t yet heard about bed bugs, we are here today with all the information you will ever need. What are bed bugs? Are they dangerous? Is your home at risk of an infestation? 

a bed bug infesttaion in a mattress

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, oval-shaped, parasitic pests that rely on blood meals from a host to survive. Adapting their lives around your sleep schedule, bed bugs will hide when you are awake and feed on your blood after you have fallen into a deep sleep. Once they have finished their meal, bed bugs will hide deep within your home, not just around your bed. It is not uncommon during inspections for pest technicians to spot bed bugs in every room of the home. When threatened, some bed bugs may even seek shelter within walls where they can stay hidden upwards of 400 days without a blood meal.

To get from home to home, bed bugs use items people carry around every day. Your kid’s backpack is their taxi; your work bag, their plane. If a bed bug can hide on an item, you can be sure they will try to use it to Trojan horse their way into your home.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Seeing that bed bugs suck blood, one would assume that they would be more dangerous than they actually are. In most cases, the worst trouble bed bugs cause is with the sleep they wreck. Just knowing bed bugs are around can cause insomnia. In severe infestations, anemia and/or infection around bite zones caused by scratching can occur.

Recent studies have shown that bed bugs are capable of spreading Chagas, a disease more commonly known to be spread by kissing bugs. Fortunately, Chagas is much less common here in the States than it is south of our border.  Some cases have been recorded here in Texas, but not enough for you to worry too much about.

All around, bed bugs are more of a nuisance than anything else. This, however, doesn’t mean that eliminating them from your home shouldn’t be your first priority.

Are Bed Bugs Difficult To Eradicate?

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to get out of homes. Not only are they extremely good at hiding, but their ability to survive for months at a time without a blood meal makes them adept at eluding treatments. Even if you thing a method you are using is working, bed bugs could still pop back up once the threat to their lives is gone. Unless you want to fight bed bugs for what will seem like the rest of your life, we recommend getting the professionals involved.

How Evolve Can Help With Bed Bugs

At Evolve Pest Control, we know how frustrating bed bugs are to deal with. To ensure that our home and commercial pest treatments solve the problem, we use only the highest quality products. These products put into the hands of our expert pest technicians put our success rate above the rest. If you are sick and tired of bed bugs ruining your sleep, let our team at Evolve help find your solution.

Give us a call today if you have questions about our bed bug treatments, or if you would like to schedule a service visit for your Dallas home.