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At Evolve Pest Control Las Vegas we take pest control very seriously. We strive for excellence and consistency in our services. We believe that pests can be kept under control no matter the circumstance as long as uniform, practiced methods are followed.

Why are pest control Las Vegas services needed?

las vegas pest control

In the animal kingdom there are places known as habitats. Habitats are an area or location where certain parameters like heat, water availability, and other factors indicate to the animals and other critters the likelihood of them surviving in it. Each creature has a specific habitat that they thrive in, and habitats where they don’t. This is a major part of why different creatures and critters are found in different parts of the world. These habitats change over time as new critters move in or out, but for the most part they stay relatively the same. If there is sufficient food, shelter and water, the animals will keep coming back.

Our habitat is the perfect habitat for rodents, insects and other pests because our homes are more consistently dry, have food and water, and are free of larger predators than the outside world.

In the wild, pests tend to stay away from other animals because they know that there is a good chance that the larger animal could eat them. Humans, on the regular, don’t eat pests, and we scare the animals that would eat them away. This means that unless we have something like a cat, or a lizard in the home that does find pests appealing, or we want to add a new page to our menu, the only other alternative we have is to make our habitat uninhabitable for pests. The best way to do that is with pest control Las Vegas.

The pests of Las Vegas Nevada.

The first step of proper pest control Las Vegas is to know which pests you need to worry about. The definition of a pest is a critter that wants to live where you live, eat what you eat, and that could cause harm to you and your family or to your home. Not every critter is a pest, and not every pest lives in the area of the world that you do. In order to effectively control what comes in and out of your home you first need to know what animals live outside of it.

The following are the pests that you are most likely to encounter if you live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rodents: The largest of the pest control Las Vegas watch list.

Rodents are the first on our list for pest control Las Vegas because out of all the pests these will cause harm the fastest.

Rats live in every country besides Antarctica, and while they may look cute they actively destroy homes to make them more comfortable for themselves. Their teeth are very sharp and hard, and can be used to chew through wood, cords, paper, mortar, concrete, bricks, sheetrock and even metal. These home-wreckers aren’t worth allowing in your home, and with Evolve Pest control Las Vegas we promise to find them, and remove them, and stop them from coming back.

Mice, while they do have key differences in anatomy, are basically smaller versions of rats. Their teeth are just as hard, and just as destructive. Being that they are smaller than rats, they can also go places that rats can’t, which means that there are more areas in your home or on your property that a mouse can inhabit than a rat can, at least initially. Once either of these creatures finds a place to sink their teeth into, they can gnaw out a home for themself almost anywhere. Signs of these rodents are little, raisin-like droppings (poop) around the edges of the home, and items around the home that look like they have been chewed or gnawed on. 

If you have seen signs of rodents, or feel like they might be moving onto or into your home and property, we invite you to give us, Evolve Pest Control, a call. We will be more than happy to come out and help you verify your suspicions and calm your fears. Let us help you protect your home with our pest control Las Vegas Services.

Insects: Harmful to humans – Protect yourself with pest control Las Vegas.

Blood suckers

Mosquitoes and Bed bugs are harmful to humans and pets for two reasons. One, they feed on our blood. Two, during the feeding it is possible that diseases that they picked up from other humans or animals can be transferred to us. Bed bugs and mosquitos also leave irritated bumps on the skin that itch. These pests are more likely to be found outside the home, but that won’t stop them from coming in if you let them. Contact pest control Las Vegas today and let us help you keep them outside, and off your property.

Bed bugs deserve a little more attention because they take more attention to get rid of. These little pests are mostly translucent when they are young, and can go almost completely flat. They are also extremely tiny, so they are very hard to see. Because they are so hard to find, very meticulous methods have to be taken to get rid of them. In busy areas, like Las Vegas, they are more common from human’s passing them around than from them actually being native to the area. If you are even remotely suspicious that you have bed bugs in your home, it is highly recommended that you seek out professional pest control Las Vegas help to verify and eradicate them. Evolve Pest Control knows the best methods to get rid of these little bugs and stop them from spreading.


Wasps and hornets are very territorial, and can actually be beneficial to homes and gardens. They are pollinators like bees, and they feed on other insects like caterpillars, aphids, and other creepy crawlies that could do harm to your plants. While Wasps and hornets’ are more compatible neighbors than the parasitic ones we just mentioned, they are known for being more aggressive, and they will sting you, your pet, your neighbor, and even other insects if they feel threatened. Notice we didn’t say if they ARE threatened, but if they FEEL threatened. Their stings are painful, and some people are allergic to them. With pest control Las Vegas we can help you live without the fear of being stung.

Home destroyers: when pest control Las Vegas is essential.

Ants, depending on the kind, can be harmful to the home itself, or to your food stores. The most dangerous kind to property are carpenter ants. They will actually destroy the wooden beams and other areas of your home. For more information on ants and the problems they can cause, check out the article on them in our bug library.

Termites, like carpenter ants, attack the actual wood of your house. They are very destructive, and should be eradicated as soon as possible if you want to protect the sanctity of your home. Signs of termites and carpenter ants include small piles of sawdust found around the edges of the home. Again, these are extremely detrimental to your home and should be taken seriously. If you think that you may have either of these wood destroyers call Evolve Pest control and let us treat your home with our top notch pest control Las Vegas services today.

Silverfish live in the walls and eaves of houses. They especially like houses with wooden shingles. They eat starches which could be anything from a piece of dried skin in the carpet to the glue holding your wallpaper together. These little guys are very small and look like a shiny drop of mercury racing across your floor when they run. A professional pest control Las Vegas service, such as Evolve Pest Control, has the proper equipment to treat the nooks, crannies, and even the attic where these pests like to hide.

Cockroaches live in the walls and cracks of your home because they like feeling closed in. If you see cockroaches in your home, even if it is only one or two, then you will want to call pest control Las Vegas professionals. Cockroaches push each other out into the open to make more room for themselves, so the one or two you are seeing are actually a sign of a much bigger problem. One of the dangers of these disturbing, little critters is that they actually pollute the air of your home from the particles in their feces. This can aggravate asthma and other breathing disorders, and can also make breathing uncomfortable for people without these disorders as well. Some species, like the American cockroach are known to be carriers of disease and parasites which can cause further damage or danger to the home’s occupants.

There are thousands of different types of beetles, but the three to watch out for when considering pest control solutions are the Wood boring beetles like the powderpost beetle, and the different species of carpet beetle which eat clothes, furniture, rugs, and other household commodities. If you have beetles in your home, call Evolve Pest Control. We can come identify them for you and give your house the proper pest control Las Vegas treatment to get rid of them.

Not dangerous, but still annoying, and just as avoidable with pest control Las Vegas.

Boxelder bugs are one of the few bugs that are in your home just because they like the aesthetic. These little critters enjoy warm areas, and while they don’t cause more problems than small yellow stains from their poop, they can be incredibly annoying during the summer months. The best way to keep them out of your home is by keeping them off of your property with pest control Las Vegas from Evolve Pest Control.


The last group that we want to mention in our pest control Las Vegas line-up are the arachnids. These include spiders, scorpions, and ticks.

Spiders, for the most part, are harmless. The two main ones to be aware of whose venom is dangerous to humans are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. Both of their bites are painful and their venom can do horrible damage to the skin and nerves. We recommend looking them up in our bug library so that you can be familiar with them. However, even though most spiders are safe to have around, their presence indicates that you more than likely need pest control Las Vegas services. Spiders are a consequence of having insects in the house. Remove the insects and the spiders will go build their webs elsewhere.

Scorpions, in general, are a more unpleasant species to encounter than spiders because they have a poisonous stinger and pincers. Both these armaments can be painful no matter what their breed, but the only one that is capable of killing a human with their venom is the bark scorpion. Their venom can be fatal so knowing what they look like and where they like to hide is important information to review if you live in the desert. With Evolve Pest Control and our pest control Las Vegas services we can keep these critters out of your house, and away from your home.

Ticks are the only arachnid that will enter your home because they like you or your pet. These are the mosquitoes of the arachnid family, and while they cannot fly (thank goodness) the diseases ticks carry may be considered by some to be even worse than the ones that mosquitoes do, as many of them have negative effects that can sometimes stay with you for the rest of your life. Ticks live on bushes and tall grasses. By treating your property with pest control Las Vegas we can help you make sure that the only way you run into these nasty little guys is if you go to their habitat.