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A Step-By-Step Guide To Bark Scorpion Control In Las Vegas

Dealing with bark scorpions in your home can be very frustrating. This guide will help you learn all about scorpions and the key steps necessary to prevent them from becoming a big problem in your home. The best way to control a bark scorpion infestation is by preventing it from happening in the first place. There are a few things you can do to render your home safe from these unwanted pests. Partnering with a Las Vegas pest control company like Evolve Pest Control that has experience with scorpion control will provide the most effective results.

close up of bark scorpion

How To Identify A Bark Scorpion

Bark scorpions in Las Vegas are an incredibly resilient species of venomous arachnids that are typically found in the bark of trees in the deserts and rocky areas of the southwestern United States. They are difficult to detect on natural terrain and are not always easy to identify. The following identifying characteristics are key features to look for:

  • Tan or light beige coloring
  • A body with two parts, a cephalothorax and an abdomen
  • A tail with five parts and a stinger at the tip
  • Four pairs of walking legs of varying sizes 
  • Two large pincers near its head 

Your best option to achieve effective scorpion control is to enlist the help of Evolve Pest Control. We have extensive scorpion removal experience and can keep you and your family safe from these pests.

The Problems Bark Scorpions Can Create Around Your Home

Bark scorpions are dangerous scorpions with a highly toxic venom that can cause serious health problems for people. They are capable of inflicting pain, as well as being a nuisance. The sting of a bark scorpion is painful and, in rare cases, can be fatal. Symptoms of a bark scorpion sting include intense pain, swelling, tingling sensations around the affected area, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Medical attention should be sought immediately if these symptoms occur. 

Bark scorpions have a habit of invading homes, especially during the summer months when they are looking for food and water to survive. They are very difficult and dangerous to control with DIY methods. Bark scorpions should be removed by a professional pest control service that knows how to get rid of scorpions. 

Five No-Sweat Bark Scorpion Prevention Tips

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep scorpions away from your property. Here are five no-sweat bark scorpion prevention tips:

  1. Seal any cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home. 
  2. Reduce their available habitat by keeping your yard free of clutter and debris.
  3. Trim back overgrown vegetation from the exterior of your home. 
  4. Replace any missing mortar or weatherstripping around windows and doors. 
  5. Ensure that your door and window screens are in good condition and repair or replace them as needed.

These steps will provide temporary relief from a scorpion problem. Contact the home pest control experts at Evolve Pest Control for a more permanent solution.  

Contact The Pros For Total Scorpion Control For Your Property

Evolve Pest Control is the perfect choice for dealing with different kinds of scorpions. Our experienced pest technicians understand the unique behavior of scorpions and use safe, reliable methods to remove them from your home. We start by inspecting your property for potential entry points, and sealing up any cracks or crevices that may allow access. We will also monitor the area for further signs of activity, so you can rest assured that your home stays scorpion-free. 

Our high-quality services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a pest-free guarantee. Contact us today for a free consultation and let Evolve Pest Control help keep your scorpion problem under control!