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7 Signs Your Las Vegas Home May Have A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs aren’t just a problem in the bedroom: these pests are common everywhere and anywhere that’s densely populated in the world. So, while bed bugs may infest your Las Vegas home, they also cause problems in schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices, and hotels. Bed bugs can be picked up anywhere and spread anywhere, making them a prominent problem for American households. Before they become a problem in your home, learn the signs of an infestation, and what you should do to get rid of them. 

bed bug infestation

Bed Bug Identification Tips

Bed bugs have apple-seed shaped bodies and grow to about 5mm in length. They look reddish-brown, often get darker once they’ve ingested blood, and always have six legs, small mouths, and look like moving specks. 
Bed bugs are quite problematic. A long term infestation can cause insomnia, distress, anemia, and scars from their bites, as bed bug victims often wake up with welts on their shins and forearms. The sooner you spot an infestation, the sooner these issues can be treated, so let’s review the 7 most common signs of bed bugs:

  1. Bed bug skins: these pests cast their exoskeletons as they mature, so you may see pale skins in your sheets or furniture.
  2. The bugs themselves: these nocturnal pests come out after dusk, but you often need to get up close to see them crawling around. 
  3. Bug bites: if itchy welts show up on your skin each morning, you probably have bed bugs.
  4. Blood-stained sheets: the bites from bed bugs can sometimes cause bleeding onto your sheets.
  5. Red or brown blood stains: these pests will also stain your sheets if you squash one in your sleep.
  6. Fecal spots: if the speck isn’t a bed bug, it might be bed bug poop. 
  7. Musty odors: bed bugs often leave behind a pungent smell akin to a “wet towel”.

Removing A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bug problems are exceedingly common throughout Nevada. They spread and reproduce faster than exterminators can keep up with, making them a prominent source of insomnia and distress for many Las Vegas properties.
When bed bugs invade your home, you need the expertise of your local pest experts to get rid of them, so save yourself the time and money by contacting your local pest professionals right away. Evolve Pest Control is ready to meet your bed bug needs, so what are you waiting for? Call us today and take your bed back from these itchy pests.