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7 Easy & Effective Scorpion Control Tips For Vegas Property Owners

 Just as easily as you can win big at the casino, you can also get stung by a scorpion. Most scorpions are harmless, and a scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal. Still, save yourself the stress and discomfort by learning how to control a scorpion problem. Let’s identify the most common scorpions in Las Vegas, NV, and how to prevent a scorpion problem around your home.

scorpion tail about to sting

Scorpion Identification Guide For Las Vegas Residents

In truth, there are dozens of scorpion species throughout Nevada, but most of them share similar characteristics. Scorpions are arachnids, and on top of their eight legs, these pests have two long arms that extend past their head.
A scorpion’s elongated body stretches into a sectioned tail, and their tail ends with a venomous stinger. Like other large arachnids, scorpions are predators, feeding on other insects and controlling pest populations in the wild; it’s only when these pests get in your property that they pose an issue.
There are three scorpion species to worry about in Las Vegas. On top of general scorpion characteristics, each species has the following traits:

  • Bark Scorpion. These are the most common scorpions found in Arizona homes, and also the most dangerous. Bark scorpions grow between 2-3 inches, have tannish bodies, and if you see one in your property, there are probably others as well.
  • Stripetail Scorpion. These scorpions also grow between 2-3 inches and have lustrous, yellow-brown bodies. As their name suggests, their tails have notable striations, and their stingers are usually darker than the rest of their body.
  • Giant Hairy Scorpion. These are the largest species of scorpion in the United States, sometimes growing over 4 inches in length. These scorpions have brown bodies covered in hair and are large enough to eat other scorpions and even lizards.

Scorpions are dangerous only when you don’t know they’re nearby. They sting when threatened, so if you get too close to one without realizing it, you may end up with a sore foot. Scorpions tend to linger in cool, shaded areas, such as near rocks, leaf piles, and tall grasses. If they move into your home, it’s because the indoors are cool and refreshing – and their food might be nearby.

Most scorpion stings aren’t life-threatening, but you should seek medical attention if you have been stung, especially if a bark scorpion stings you. Bark scorpion venom can be lethal, especially in animals and children, causing erratic muscle movements and heart complications. In general, it’s wise to avoid scorpions as much as possible, and always seek treatment for a sting.

7 Scorpion Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Residents

Since they’re so widespread throughout the Las Vegas area, how can you keep scorpions away from your property? Consider the following tips:

  • Keep your lawn tidy. Removing stones, wood piles, and leaves around the yard, makes scorpions less likely to camp nearby.
  • Seal any potential entry points. Cracks in your home’s foundation can invite scorpions inside, so sealing these cracks will help prevent a scorpion problem.
  • Eliminate moisture in the house. Scorpions like wet, dank areas, and will gladly reside in the basement or the bathroom.
  • Remove standing water. Puddles and gutters that don’t drain will attract both scorpions and the pests scorpions eat.
  • Attract birds. Using birdseed or certain flowers to attract scorpion predators will help control the scorpion population.
  • Check your belongings. When out and about, inspect your shoes, gloves, bags, and boxes. Scorpions might crawl inside and hitch a ride back home.
  • Remove other pest problems. Since scorpions eat insects, they might be a problem around your house because other pests are also inside.

If scorpions are a problem in your Las Vegas home, don’t try to deal with them yourself – you will only endanger your health and make the problem worse. Scorpions are tough to deal with; the pest experts at Evolve Pest Control are here to help. Reach out today for professional scorpion control for commercial and residential properties so we can make your home safe from these painful pests.