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Are pests always finding ways to invade your property in St. George or the surrounding area? Do you wish there was a way to control and prevent pests without disrupting your schedule? If so, Evolve Pest Control is right for you. We provide customized pest control solutions designed to protect your home or business from all kinds of common pests. And with more than a decade of experience in the pest control industry, we’re ready to offer excellent pest management services that you can trust. Don’t wait for dangerous and destructive pests to invade your property and take away your peace of mind. Instead, contact Evolve Pest Control today to learn more about how we keep St. George properties pest-free.

Home Pest Control In St. George, UT

saint george ut home pest control

When pests such as rodents, spiders, and insects invade your St. George residential property, they put both your home and family at risk.

Protect your St. George home from unwanted pests by implementing an effective home pest control plan from Evolve Pest Control. Our general pest control plans include high-quality customer service, effective pest treatments, and our pest-free guarantee.

In addition to our general pest control program, we also provide services to target specific pest problems, such as bed bugs and rodents. No matter what pest problem you’re dealing with, the professionals from Evolve Pest Control have the experience needed to provide a solution.

Reach out to us today for more details about our residential pest control offerings.

Commercial Pest Control In St. George, UT

Your business should never be a home for pests. Whether you own a warehouse, restaurant, educational facility, or other business, it’s important to maintain a pest-free environment. At Evolve Pest Control, we work hard to eliminate commercial pest problems so that you don’t have to. By relying on excellent pest management strategies and customized solutions, we eliminate pests in the most effective way possible. With our highly-trained technicians working the job, you can rest assured that your St. George business is protected from the area’s toughest pests. Give your commercial property the complete protection it needs by partnering with Evolve Pest Control today.

St. George’s Best Rodent Prevention Strategies

Rodents are unpleasant pests to deal with in and around your property. Not only are rodents capable of damaging your furniture and belongings with their constant chewing behavior, but they also spread dangerous diseases that can make you and your family sick. To keep rodents away from your St. George property, implement the following rodent prevention strategies:

  • Keep your leftover food items stored in sealed containers or the refrigerator.
  • Never leave pet food out overnight and store dry pet food in plastic containers instead of the paper bag it comes in.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of rodent activity, including droppings, gnaw marks on your furniture, and holes chewed into food packaging.
  • Seal gaps in your foundation and exterior walls with caulk or steel wool.
  • Reduce clutter on the interior and exterior of your home to minimize hiding places for rodents.
  • Keep overhanging tree branches trimmed back from your roofline.
  • Keep your kitchen and other eating areas clean and free of crumbs.

Prevention tips are helpful, but the only way to ensure your St. George property remains rodent-free all year long is with professional rodent control services from Evolve Pest Control. We’re ready to deliver excellent rodent control solutions that protect your property from rodents of all shapes and sizes. Reach out to us today to get started!

Four Solutions To Ant Problems In St. George

Did you know that ants are the most common pests found in and around residential properties? These small, social insects live outdoors in massive colonies that can contain thousands or even hundreds of thousands of individual ants. Although ants are typically outdoor pests, they often move into St. George homes and businesses while searching for a source of food to bring back to their colonies. Ants can be a major nuisance when they invade your property. In addition to contaminating your food items, ants also attract other pests to your home.

When it comes to dealing with ants around your St. George property, there are four main solutions you can use to get rid of them. The first three solutions are to reduce moisture around your home, eliminate potential food sources, and seal gaps and crevices in your foundation and exterior walls. While these prevention tips are helpful, they’re not a foolproof way of protecting your St. George property from ants. The fourth and most effective solution to ant problems is professional ant control services from Evolve Pest Control. We have been protecting people and properties from all kinds of pests for more than a decade.

If you have a pest problem, we have a solution. We’re ready to work with you to develop an ongoing pest control plan that eliminates your ant problems and prevents them from returning. Get in touch with the professionals here at Evolve Pest Control today to find out more about all of our excellent pest control services.

What Everyone In St. George Should Know About Termite Season

Termites can be one of the most dangerous pests to infest, as they can completely compromise the structural integrity of your home. As a local homeowner, there are some things you should know about termite seasons in St. George.

The first thing to know about termites is the fact that they live in a caste system. Within their colonies, the reproductive termites act as the swarmers looking for new places to nest. What does this have to do with termite season?

Well, termite swarms usually appear in the spring, and they’re often the first and most visible sign of a nearby termite problem. Swarmers emerge from the colony’s mud tunnels and gravitate towards sources of light. They’re commonly found in doorways, walls, and windowsills, leaving discarded wings where they gather.

Termite swarms last about 30-40 minutes as they look for soil, and then they die of dehydration if they cannot find any. If you are concerned about termite activity around your home and want to prepare for termite season, don’t wait. We’re here to help. Evolve Pest Control is here to address your termite problems, so call today, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

The Key To Effective Hornet And Wasp Control In St. George

The best way to minimize your exposure to hornets and wasps is to eliminate attractants, entry points, and conducive conditions throughout your property. If you want to be proactive in your efforts to reduce the presence of hornets and wasps on your property, here are some preventative measures that you can take:

  • Apply caulking to seal cracks and crevices around the deck and porch.
  • Cover up any piles of exposed compost or decaying matter.
  • Get rid of access to sources of food (both human and pet food) and never leave them outside.
  • Keep all doors and windows shut when possible.
  • Keep garbage cans tightly sealed.
  • Look out for wasp nests in sheds, garages, wall cavities, etc.
  • Pick up trash and clean spills as soon as they happen.
  • Seal up any holes in the ground using cement or grass.
  • Use wasp-repelling plants like wormwood, marigold, mint, basil, and geranium.

While being proactive can help, the key to effective hornet and wasp control in St. George is to get ongoing services from the pest professionals. Evolve Pest Control offers year-round stinging insect control and prevention solutions that protect local property owners from the dangers of infestation. Contact us today to further to learn more.

How To Prevent Spider Infestations In St. George Homes

Spiders can be dangerous, and if you get bitten, things can turn from a nuisance to something more serious. If you want to protect your home and loved ones from spider infestation, it’s important to prevent their presence in the first place. Here’s how to prevent spider infestations in St. George homes:

  • Keep all the exterior/porch lights off.
  • Keep other bugs away from home.
  • Keep the yard well-trimmed and neat.
  • Keep your home clean and reduce clutter.
  • Keep your trash in sealed containers.

While these prevention tips can help you minimize your exposure to spiders, the truth is that none of them are entirely effective on their own. We highly recommend securing professional spider control and prevention services if you want complete protection from spider activity. Call Evolve Pest Control today to learn more about our spider control services. We’re eager to help.

The Most Frequently Asked Scorpion Questions In St. George

Scorpions are unwelcome intruders that can cause alarm. We get a lot of questions about these infamous arid-weather pests. Here are our answers to the most frequently asked scorpion question in St. George:

What makes scorpions such a threat?

  • Scorpions sting. In fact, they are known for having a stinger at the end of their long tail. When they sting, they inject venom into your body and can expose you to a list of symptoms and adverse health consequences. They sting for one of two reasons: either they’re killing prey, or they’re defending themselves.

How do I keep scorpions off my property?

  • Use caulk to seal cracks and holes on the outside of the property and properly block off all garage and entry doors. It’s also a good idea to repair damaged window and door screens.

What should I do to avoid scorpions?

  • Don’t walk barefoot around your home, pool, or garage, and be sure to shake out bed sheets, clothing, and shoes to make sure no scorpions are hiding in them.

The only guaranteed way to guard your home or business against scorpion activity is to reach out to your local pest professionals. You can contact Evolve Pest Control for complete scorpion control and prevention services. We’re here to help.