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We’ve moved three times since we hired Evolve and kept them at each house. They always come out free of charge to our new residence for an initial spray. Their spray works well! Their staff is knowledgeable and always helpful.​

Judy M

What I love about Evolve Pest Control is the integrity of their product. I have had continual problems with ants, I switched to Evolve and they were gone almost immediately. I am grateful to have such a high quality, professional, pest control company in Mesquite.

Marisa P

Friendly efficient service. Company always sends notice of time and day of next service, technician is on time and very thorough. Will also do interior when requested – no odor at all! Very pleased and satisfied in all regards.

Katie C

The last technician did a great job ensuring all areas were sprayed to eliminate ants, spiders, roaches, and even did inside the house for earwigs and scorpions.

Sue R

Evolve Pest Control always notifies in advance the date for service and who will be performing that service. I appreciate their courteous and prompt service.

Desert Pain Specialists

They have been awesome! Their technicians are always are on time or early for scheduled appointments and are effective and professional.

Jacqueline I

Very satisfied with the results, unlike other company’s used previously.

Carla D

The best service, bar none.

Karie A

Very satisfied with the service.

Stephen P


If you do your homework, you'll see that a lot of the other guys don't include Scorpion control as a part of their routine service...For them, it's an add-on service. But our regular bi-monthly service not only comes with a money back guarantee, it also includes coverage for scorpions! Our thorough service techniques combined with the highest quality and most effective products available gives us the ability to give all our customers a scorpion guarantee. We spare no expense when it comes to making sure our service is the best and controls all your common pests, including scorpions!